Benefits of Membership

 Regardless whether you are a small, medium or larger sized importer or exporter, joining the Food Shippers Association of North America could prove to be be an important corner stone of your transportation strategy and overall service quality! 

1. Rates

  • Obtain low rates by combining your volumes with that of our other members 
  • Unlike NVOs no rate mark-ups; only low per container fees apply 
  • Rates in place for frozen, chilled, & dry food commodities 
  • Members receive monthly rate sheets as well as individual quotes 

2. Service

  • Enjoy service advantages as participant in large contracts 
  • Reduce the impact of equipment shortages with more carrier choices 
  • Origins: U.S. East, West and Gulf Coasts, U.S. inland points, international origins
  • Destinations: Asia, South America, Europe, Mideast, Africa 

3. Transparency

  • No volume commitment required as part of the FSANA membership 
  • Benefit from being a FSANA member without changing the way you do business now 
  • Maintain direct contact with your freight forwarder and carrier representatives 
  • All services rendered by FSANA are transparent 
  • Your business transactions are handled with complete confidentiality 

4. Experience

  • With a combined 45 years of experience, we know transportation 
  • Most relationships with our members and contract carriers go back 10 or more years 
  • FSANA is always there to step in and provide hands-on help when needed